On March 10the head of Georgian National Tourism Administration met foreign journalists at “Tbilisi Marriott “Hotel within the frames of tourism international media forum. 47 journalists from Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstanparticipated in the forum organized by the Administration.
Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration Giorgi Chogovadze opened the Forum and welcomed the foreign journalists, after that a short presentation on the tourism potential of Georgia was conducted for them.
Mediarepresentatives visited Georgia on the initiative of the Georgian National Tourism Administration. Goal – advertisement of the country’s tourism opportunities of by means of published or electronic articles and TV subjects. Most of above mentioned countries, on the bias of the Georgian wine export, represent the main markets. Interest to wine always conditions the inflow of tourists in wine to country and therefore promotes the development of wine tourism. Taking this into consideration during the tourism international media forum, the foreigner journalists was were conducted an exhaustive excursus about the Georgian wine, at the seminar conducted together with Wine Sommelier Association media representativesbecame familiar with kinds of wine and also obtained extensive information onthe wine tourism of Georgia.