LEPL – Georgian National Tourism Administration is a Legal entity of Public law, a part of the system of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, independently conducting activity by state control.

Goals and objectives of the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) are formation and implementation of the Georgian tourism development state policy, promotion of the sustainable tourism development, promotion of a high export income growth and job creation in the country on the basis of the tourism development, attraction of the foreign tourists to Georgia and development of the domestic tourism as well, promotion of human resources development in the field of tourism destinations, infrastructure and tourism.

The Head of the Administration has three Deputies, including the first Deputy Head. Head of the Administration conducts all activities of GNTA, makes decisions on the issues within the Administration’s competence, and implements general supervision of the Administration.


Deputy Head: Medea Janiashvili

E-mail: m.janiashvili@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

CV: Open

Deputy Head: Tamaz Iorashvili

E-mail: tiorashvili@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

CV: Open

Administrative DepartmentPublic Relations DepartmentBrand Development DepartmentDepartment of Domestic Tourism PromotionResearch and Planning DepartmentInternational Relations DepartmentDepartment of International Tourism PromotionDepartment of Feedback and AnalysisInformation Service DepartmentDepartment of Tourism Service ProviderQuality Development DepartmentDepartment of Tourism Product and Small-Scale Infrastructure DevelopmentLegal DepartmentConvention and Exhibition Bureau of Georgia

Head of the Department: Salome Imnadze

E-mail: s.imnadze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Provides rendering of information-technical and organizational service required for implementation of the Department Head’s, Deputy Heads’, structural units’ authorities; faultless functioning of the Administration infrastructure, inner computer network and equipment; implementation of public purchases, efficient management and disposal of the Administration finances, human resources management.


Employees of Administrative Department:

Advisor to the head

Davit Elisashvili

E-mail: d.elisashvili@gnta.ge


Executive Assistant to Head: Mariam Orjonikidze

E-mail: m.orjonikidze@gnta.ge


Office Manager

Irma Avgarozashvili-Oniani

E-mail: info@gnta.ge


IT specialist

Yuri Ambartsumian

E-mail: y.ambartsumyani@gnta.ge



Financial division


Head of Department

Nunu Makishvili

E-mail: n.makishvili@gnta.ge


Chief accountant

Teona Maisuradze

E-mail: teona.maisuradze@gnta.ge


Main specialist

Salome Surameli

E-mail: s.surameli@gnta.ge


Main specialist

Dimitri Khuluzauri

E-mail: d.khuluzauri@gnta.ge


Human resources and records management department


Head of Department

Marika Lemonjaria

E-mail: m.lemonjaria@gnta.ge


Chief specialist

Manana Devadze

E-mail: m.devadze@gnta.ge





Coordinator of Human Resources and Recording Issues

Megi Mezvrishvili-Tokrishvili

E-mail: m.mezvrishvili@gnta.ge


Department of economic and public purchases


Head of Department 

Nino Tvildiani

E-mail: n.tvildiani@gnta.ge


Chief specialist

Kakha Khetsuriani

E-mail: k.khetsuriani@gnta.ge


Chef Specialist

Mariam Abramia

E-mail: m.abramia@gnta.ge


Chief specialist

Maia Aslanishvili

E-mail: m.aslanishvili@gnta.ge


Chief specialist

Nana Dolakidze

E-mail: n.dolakidze@gnta.ge


Chief  specialist

Salome Dafkviashvili

E-mail: s.dapkviashvili@gnta.ge


Coordinator of purchases

Mariam Tabatadze

E-mail: m/tabatadze@gnta.ge


Coordinator of purchases

Noe kopaliani

E-mail: n.kopaliani@gnta.ge


Market Research Coordinator

Lika Jishkariani

E-mail: l.jishkariani@gnta.ge


Market Research Coordinator

Vakhtang Mchedlidze

E-mail: v.mchedlidze@gnta.ge



Logistics Coordinator

Garnik Minasiani

E-mail: g.minasiani@gnta.ge





Head of the Department: Ana Gochashvili E-mail: a.gochashvili@gnta.ge Phone: +995 32 243 69 99 Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Defines basic plan of public relations, prepares materials of the administration’s activities and provides it with the mass media. Plans and implements various activities to increase awareness of the administration and its activities. Covers the activities carried out by the administration, both locally and internationally. Informs public about the events organized by the administration and is plans organizing interviews, press conferences and briefings.


Chief specialist

Tea Chanchibadze

E-mail: t.chanchibadze@gnta.ge


Chief specialist

Giorgi Gabrichidze

E-mail: g.gabrichidze@gnta.ge



Luka Mamulaidze

E-mail: l.mamulaidze@gnta.ge


Head of the Department: Ana Kekelia

E-mail: a.kekelia@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Takes care of developing/promoting Georgia as a touristic country, brand and tourism products. Supports promoting tourism potential of the country on local and global markets.  To promote tourism potential of Georgia in accordance with target markets, determines communication methods and channels. Participates in local and global tourism markets and fairs. Implements various marketing activities, participates in preparation and promotion of tourist products and projects to promote tourism potential of Georgia.



Chief specialist

Ana Labadze

E-mail: a.labadze@gnta.ge


Chief specialist

Teona Nanava

E-mail: t.nanava@gnta.ge


Chief coordinator of Brand development

Tatia Khaindrava

E-mail: t.khaindrava@gnta.ge


Brand development coordinator

Tamar Vachnadze

E-mail: t.vachnadze@gnta.ge


Brand development coordinator

Nana Dgebuadze

E-mail: n.dgebuadze@gnta.ge


Brand development coordinator

Ketevan Kasrashvili

E-mail: k.kasrashvili@gnta.ge


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Natalia Tarkhan-Mouravi


E-mail: n.tarkhan-mouravi@gnta.ge



Tato Norakidze


Print designer

Ani Lipartia

E-mail: ani.lipartia@gmail.com


Head of the Department: Ekaterine Kolbaia

E-mail: e.kolbaia@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Plans and implements various projects to support stimulating inner tourism, including promotion of new tourist attractions and product development through out the country. Plans and implements various events to increase tourist stream in different tourist attractions. Plans tours to promote landmarks through out the country for Georgian journalists, bloggers and tour operators.



Chief specialist

Ana Guldedava

E-mail: a.guldedava@gnta.ge



Nona Gaphrindashvili

E-mail: n.gaprindashvili@gnta.ge


Cultural and sport events coordinator: 

Tamar Gabedava

E-mail: t.gabedava@gnta.ge


Cultural events coordinator:

Tornike Natroshvili

E-mail: t.natroshvili@gnta.ge




Head of the Department: Giorgi Bregadze

E-mail: g.bregadze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87


Provides strategic data collection and processing in tourism sector. Based on the needs of the administration, performs relevant research. Prepares analytical material evaluating the results of the research. Based on the research results supports planning tourism action plans.



Ana Arabuli

E-mail: a.arabuli@gnta.ge



Implements conduction of the international relations and with this purpose cooperates with the ministries and other agencies, also diplomatic corps and international organizations. Organizes conduction of respective negotiations in tourism sphere with the purpose of development of the international cooperation agreements and memorandums, plans of actions and other projects. Cooperates with various countries’ tourism sector representatives in tourism sphere. Participates in the international events held in tourism direction and intergovernmental commissions.



Head of Department: Tamar Koriauli

E-mail: t.koriauli@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87


Main specialist

Ekaterine Alania

E-mail: e.alania@gnta.ge


Main specialist

Vakhtang Kurtskhalia

E-mail: v.kurtskhalia@gnta.ge


Head of the Department: Marina Bojgua

E-mail: m.bojgua@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Establishes necessary contacts and cooperates with foreign tourism industries to promote tourism potential of Georgia on international markets. Plans invitations and hosting of foreign journalists, bloggers, tour operators and other representatives from related fields in Georgia.


Chef specialist

Marine Khurtsilava

E-mail: m.khurtsilava@gnta.ge


Chef specialist

Maka Makatsaria

E-mail: m.makatsaria@gnta.ge



Keti Mamadashvili

E-mail: k.mamadashvili@gnta.ge


Press and Info Tour Coordinator

Inga lekiashvili

E-mail: i.lekiashvili@gnta.ge


Press and Info Tour Coordinator

Elene Gogelia

E-mail: e.gogelia@gnta.ge


Head of Department: Nana Tchokhonelidze

E-mail: n.chokhonelidze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Determines sources of information in the field of tourism and analyzes the information, sorting and analysis of the information obtained. Investigates various ways to solve the problems found, including the relevant agencies. Produces and continuously updates the information base of remote news channels. Performs continuous monitoring and control of services provided by suppliers of news channels. In case of necessity plans to develop and distribute remote news channels in the administration structure and organize appropriate works.




Nino Melashvili-Gloveli

E-mail: n.melashvili@gnta.ge



Salome Elashvili

E-mail: s.elashvili@gnta.ge


Acting Specialist

Ana Aroshidze

E-mail: a.aroshidze@gnta.ge


Chief Research Coordinator

Zurab Dzidziguri

E-mail: z.dzidziguri@gnta.ge


Research Coordinator

Elene Mgeladze

E-mail: e.mgeladze@gnta.ge


Head of Department: Shota Brelidze

E-mail: s.brelidze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Searches for information on tourism objects on a country scale and relying on this information creates a respective database. Ensures effective operation of tourist information centres on a country scale and with purpose of implementation of various activities. In case of necessity ensures establishment of new tourist information centres on a country scale.



Chief specialist

Tamar Melishvili

E-mail: t.melishvili@gnta.ge



Teona Lagvilava

E-mail: t.lagvilava@gnta.ge



Lasha Chkhaidze

E-mail: l.chkhaidze@gnta.ge



Head of Department: Irina Diasamidze

E-mail: i.diasamidze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Implements creation of a database of service providers in tourism sphere and its constant update, maintains a constant communication with them. Provides execution of agreements, memorandums and/or contracts. Ensures local providers of service in tourism sphere with provision of updated information on new tourism products’ directions and various events. Plans and implements various events and activities necessary for development of the relations with local providers of service in tourism sphere.



Chief specialist

Salome Chachua

E-mail: s.chachua@gnta.ge


Provider service coordinator

Rusudan Vasadze

E-mail: r.vasadze@gnta.ge

Head of Department: Nato Meburishvili

E-mail: n.meburishvili@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Ensures development and periodical perfection of a quality mark with the purpose of assessment of service rendered in tourism sphere. Implements assessment and monitoring of service rendered in tourism sphere by local providers according to the developed quality mark. Conducts database of tourism service local providers having a quality mark. Develops recommendations on service quality improvement for tourism service providers and ensures arrangement of respective trainings and seminars.

Chief specialist

Ketevan Zurashvili

E-mail: k.zurashvili@gnta.ge


Ani Aroshidze

E-mail: a.aroshidze@gnta.ge



Khatia Jibghashvil

E-mail: k.jibghashvili@gnta.ge

Head of Department: Tamar Maisuradze

E-mail: t.maisuradze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Conducts researches of the country’s tourism resources and potential, assists development of new tourism products and directions on a country scale. Participates in development and implementation of new tourism infrastructure projects. Plans and implements various events with the purpose of development of tourism in destinations attractive for tourists.


Chief specialist

Tamar Kakhidze

E-mail: t.kakhidze@gnta.ge



Giorgi Malashkhia

E-mail: g.malashkhia@gnta.ge





Ensures conduction of the Administration activity in accordance with the existing legislation and provision of the Administration with legislative novelties in connection with its activity. Prepares drafts of contracts, memorandums or/and agreements to be executed in the name of the Administration, expertise and viewing of such projects drafted by various base units of the Administration.
With the purpose of protection of legitimate interests of the Administration participates in relations with any third persons and protects interests of the Administration at any instance court. Ensures availability of public information issue in the order prescribed by the Georgian legislation.



Head of Department: Nino Phanjakidze

E-mail: n.fanjakidze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87

Chief specialist

Nino kekua

E-mail: n.kekua@gnta.ge


Chief Specialist

Diana Chubinishvili

E-mail: d.chubinishvili@gnta.ge



Nino Jvarsheishvili

E-mail: n.jvarsheishvili@gnta.ge



Head of Department: Levan Japaridze

E-mail: l.japaridze@gnta.ge

Phone: +995 32 243 69 99

Fax: +995 32 243 60 87


Chef Specialist

Tinatin Gvenetadze

E-mail: t.gvenetadze@gnta.ge



Nino Turashvili

E-mail: n.turashvili@gnta.ge



Business Development Manager 

Otar Margoshvili

E-mail: o.margoshvili@gnta.ge



Territorial bodies of the Administration


• Tourism regional management service:
Creates a private and civil sector cooperation network and implements its coordination. Constantly provides information with the purpose of development of the Administration’s regional priorities and strategy. Takes care on creation and promotion of new tourism products at the regional and local levels. By agreement with the Administration develops plan of action of tourism development on the regional and local levels.


• Tourism information centre:
Provides local and foreign tourists with necessary information. Implements search for and distribution of the information on tourist sights, tourism destinations and tourism directions. Creates a database of tourist facilities existing at the information centre operating territory and ensures its constant update.


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