Under the coordination of the GNTA and in collaboration with ‘USAID Georgia,’ a group of renowned influencers is currently exploring the country’s tourism potential.

The team comprising Brandin Kelly Logan, Megan Elizabeth O’Rourke, Nicolo Leone, Rashida Sasu, and Yusiz Kadhodi from Italy, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates is embarking on a comprehensive tour to discover Georgia’s diverse tourism offerings.

Led by Maya Omiadze, the head of the National Tourism Administration, the influencers commenced their journey at the Wine Museum. Throughout the tour, these influencers will craft engaging posts, blogs, videos, and stories encompassing Georgian culture, tourist attractions, natural landscapes, resorts, cuisine, and wine. These captivating narratives are expected to reach hundreds of thousands of followers across various social media platforms.

The primary aim of this initiative is to elevate Georgia’s visibility across Europe, North America, and the Persian Gulf, thereby enticing increased tourist footfall to the country.